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MISCELLANEOUS (Bluegrass, Drums, etc.)

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  60's Harmony Sovereign 5-String Banjo, (front), (back), (side), (headstock), (5th string peg), (case) I'm far from an expert on banjos I mainly know that they sound very annoying in the hands of a non-player (like myself), but like guitars you can gauge the quality by appointments and hardware This one definitely isn't base model and it has some nice appointments such as mother of pearl block inlays, good quality friction tuners, bound neck, closed back body, arm rest, 30 rim brackets, and nickel plated hardware Appears to be all original other than, perhaps, the 5th string tuner which has a pearloid button instead of black It fingers with very comfortable action and we'll set it up with a fresh set of strings prior to shipping It "feels" like a quality banjo to me for what that's worth, and is probably a good buy at $250 Includes an old chipboard case.

  Madeira by Guild M-800 mandolin, (pic2), Guild's import line back in the day and a good quality mando with superb action in the lower register - not great for playing up high but for guys who play low chords it's perfect and just $150

  Harmony 5-String Banjo Older Harmony, open back, pic only shows 4 strings but will have 5th string installed before shipping, sounds pretty good and has excellent projection, $99


  DW 5000 Double Bass Pedal, (pic2) Some high end gear from Drum Workshop, with a list price of $599 This one works great and is a chance to get a top-of-the-line USA kick for the price of a new import at $229

  Pearl P-100 Bass Drum Pedal Nice shape, $45(HOLD-Paul S 12/8)

  Black Tom-Tom, 13", unknown origin, works good, no bottom head - top head in good shape, not nice but cheap - $15

  Ludwig Speed King Kick Drum Pedal, cool vintage bass drum pedal, will clean up beautifully with a little polish, works perfectly, $55

  Drum Hardware, Percussion Plus chain-drive high hat stand is sold, remaining items: cheap-o snare stand, cymbal boom, and piece-of-crap high hat stand that's missing some parts going for $25/all

  Wuhan 18" China Cymbal, for the drummer who has nearly a complete set Unlike a crash or ride, a china cymbal delivers a dark, explosive, trashy, Oriental sound Wuhan cymbals are hand-made and well respected and due to their lack of subtle tone, there's little advantage in paying a lot for one I defy most people to pick a $175 Turkish china over this Chinese made Wuhan With a list price of $75, these 18" Wuhan's sell at the super stores online for $44.99 I've got a few of 'em, brand new and perfect, for $35

  Sabian Pro Sonix 16" Crash Cymbal, Nice shape overall, very slight bend on the edge but very clean and hardly used I've never cleaned it and it's still very shiny Sells at Sam Ash for $147 but this one's just $69 Need a stand? Add Pearl Cymbal Boom Stand, works perfectly, complete, nice shape, for $98 for cymbal and stand

  Pearl CX300 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal, nice shape and a good beginner cymbal for just $29 - or with boom stand, $54