UPDATE - NEW ITEM FROM "WORLD ARTS" COMPANY!  I am now manufacturing and selling guitar work benches, patterned after one I custom built for my own use at guitar shows.  (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4).  Details are on this page (click here) but the bottom line is that I hand-build them one at a time, they're made to last, and there's nothing in the market in terms of quality and portability.  I may be selling through a dealer network eventually but for now, with a list price of $279.99, they're available direct to the public for $199.  To order, email me directly at [email protected].




We are specialists at mail-in repairs.Anything from Floyd Rose installation, refretting, custom pickguard assembly to acoustic repairs such as neck resets and crack repairs Ė and virtually anything else.† Since January 2004, I've been very pleased--and very fortunate--to have Martin Miranda working with me here at the shop.  He is a world-class luthier and technician.  From my 20+ years in the guitar business Ė heís absolutely the best Iíve seen.Martin will give your prized guitar the attention it deserves.A brief bio appears below.


W. Martin Miranda

Instrument Repair--Consultation--Representation


Email:   [email protected] 



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Martin was fortunate enough to be in the center of the guitar building universe.† Starting at the world famous VALLEY ARTS GUITARS, he became the General Manager within a few years.† During his tenure, Valley Arts grew into a network of three stores world wide: Los Angeles, California; Cologne, Germany; Guadalajara, Mexico.† VA was also the original location of GIT/MIT in Hollywood.  


Starting his career as a guitar repair man, Martin studied with Jack Willock, the head of Gibson warranty repair in the 1930ís.  Studying for 3 years, he helped to launch a repair shop that grew to 12 repairman repairing more than 300 guitars a week.  VA was also the warranty repair station for GIBSON, YAMAHA, FENDER, JACKSON, GUILD, MARTIN and TAKAMINE.  

Martin then became a founding partner in VALLEY ARTS USA, the guitar workshop for producing VALLEY ARTS GUITARS, now owned by GIBSON GUITARS.  


Martin has recently opened an instrument repair shop in the Historic Harmony Mills section, Cohoes, NY,  where he builds hand-crafted guitars and conducts repairs and modifications to virtually any type of stringed instrument.  


Some of Martinís former clients are:† Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Tommy Tedesco, Christopher Cross, Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Jon Clark (Michael Jackson), Jackson Browne, Ricky Nelson, Vince Gill, Jon Walmsley (Richard Marx), U2, FLEETWOOD MAC, THE BEACH BOYS, EAGLES, and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS.