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1.     1991 Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Sunburst, (front), (back), (headstock), (stain), (tremolo), (pickguard assem.). Very nice semi-vintage Strat from the peak of the silver logo era. Some of you noted the E9 serial which frequently are '89, but more often are '90 or 91 like this one. Since the pots are dated '91, it obviously couldn't have left the factory two years before the pots were made so it's obviously a '91. Strats during this era are hit and miss. Too many of them have bad necks with humps, twists, or max'd out truss rods. If you find one without any neck issues, after 20+ years it's likely done all the changing it's going to do so you have a Strat that's going to be player friendly for life. This is one of those. Plays great, looks great, sounds like a Strat should. We can possibly remove the headstock stain (shown above) and spray a few coats of nitro clear coat over the front of the headstock but it might even have left the factory like that so it’s a crap shoot. Judging by cosmetics and frets, this guitar has seen very little use. No buckle rash or major scratches anywhere on the body. Frets are in great shape, Action is low and doesn't choke out on bends. Just a nice older Strat in a popular 50's look, sunburst and maple. Within the next few years these are likely going to take off but still a good buy today at $850. Includes ‘80s Fender rectangular molded case…with all latches and hinges intact!

2.     1993 Fender Stratocaster Plus- Sunburst, (front1), (front2), (back), (headstock), (case). True time capsule condition with this fantastic playing Strat Plus. I would guess this guitar has been used only a dozen or two times. One of the first signs of wear on these guitars is Lace Sensor lettering wearing off - these are like new (shown here). In addition, there are barely any scratches on the pickguard, less than you'll see on "brand new" guitars at a chain store. The body and neck have no scratches and the hardware is clean. The only real flaw is a small stain at the base of the headstock (pic), that we believe was done at the factory or is a natural stain in the wood. The Strat Plus made its debut in 1987 and had a very successful 13-year run, ending in '99, which was the last year of the American Standard series, replaced by the American Series, with the American Deluxe assuming the role of the higher-end production model. When released in '87 the Plus was essentially a deluxe model American Standard, with upgraded pickups and hardware. It featured a trio of the new Lace Sensor pickups, which provided a vintage tone without the annoying noise associated with standard Strat pickups - and no magnetic string pull to kill the sustain of the strings. The Gold Laces (50's Strat sound) on this model are the same pickups used on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models and both player toured with their stock pickups for many years. I'm a big fan of these Laces as they're the best I've found for zero hum while retaining that vintage Strat tone. The Plus also features precision locking tuners, Tremsetter, and LSR nut, all enhancements to keep the guitar in tune, especially for players who use the tremolo to great measure. This "Tremsetter" by Hipshot is attached to the tremolo block inside the tremolo cavity (pic). It adds tuning stability by returning the trem to the "zero" position when not in use. You can play right-hand bridge harmonics, aggressive rhythm, palm mute the strings, or do bends without the other strings going out of tune and the bridge stays put. Predictably, these early silver-logo American Standards would be the next Fender to escalate on the vintage market and they've been on a consistent upswing for the past few years. At $1299(HOLD-Jon H) it's $100's cheaper than a new American Deluxe Strat, which puts in in the price range of working musicians - but for collectors looking for the cleanest examples available, this one will be 20 years old next year and is a definite keeper. Includes an equally clean "Plus" case with luggage latches, as well as guitar manual and spec book, tremsettermanual, and LSR nut manual, Fender strap, hang tags, warranty booklet, all wrenches, trem arm, and Schaller strap locks.

3.     2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Custom HH Model, (front), (headstock), (back), (Pickups/controls), (bridge), (case). The "New American Standard" with some cool custom features, geared to the rock player. Originally a SSS pickup configuration, the original owner took advantage of the factory H/S/H routing and switched it over to an HH, and the controls to bridge volume, neck volume, and master tone. Pickups are the JB in the bridge, with a '59 in the neck, a great combination. They are mounted on a Fender 3-ply black pickguard with black knobs. The overall look is one killer looking guitar in my humble opinion. All other specs are stock: alder body with gloss finish, maple neck with Modern "C" Shape (Gloss Headstock Face with Satin Urethane Finish on Back of Neck), 9.5 Radius, 22 Medium Jumbo Frets, 1.685¯ nut, Fender Staggered Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines, 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with New American Standard Bent Steel Saddles, New Bent Steel Saddles with Elongated String Slots, Copper Infused High Mass 100% Metal Bridge Block, Rolled Fretboard Edges and H/S/H Pickup routing. This guitar is in beautiful condition with no fret wear, an absolutely killer setup, and a killer rock tone. If you're a Strat fan looking for something that rocks harder than a stock model, this beauty is for you. $850(HOLD-Alex B 5/5) includes the new Fender/SKB case with ATA latches.

4.     2005 Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster with Fishman Bridge, (front), (back), (headstock), (bridge). As new - virtually unplayed. Very versatile model at the top of the Deluxe Series line of Fenders. The Deluxe Power Strat is an HSS model so it features a bridge humbucker, plus a Fishman Power Bridge which has 6 Piezos, one built into each of the saddles. The result is a Strat that's capable of brighter and fatter humbucker tones, while retaining nearly all the traditional Strat sounds, plus a guitar that can double as an acoustic in stage situations. It features a volume and tone control for the 3 pickups - plus a separate volume control for the Fishman, so you can easily select the magnetic pickups, Piezo pickup, or blend the two in any combination, such as neck+middle pickup with Piezo, etc. Other features include: transparent Butterscotch Blonde alder body, maple neck with rosewood board, Tex Mex Humbucker, two Tex Mex single coils, modern C-shaped neck with 9.5" radius, gloss finish body, satin finish neck, no-load tone control, synthetic bone nut, Fender vintage tuners, easy access 9V battery compartment on back, and 4-ply tortoise shell pickguard. Here's a YouTube demo (link) , just forward to around the 4:00 min. mark to hear it in action. This guitar is dead mint and appears unplayed, with plastic still on pickguard and back plate. It has an excellent setup and a quality tone on all pickup combinations. Sells new for $999 but this one's "as new" for just $750(HOLD-Richard C 12/12). Includes Fender Deluxe gigbag and trem arm.

5.     Fender Squier Strat - Black - Upgraded Pickups, (front), (back), (headstock). Nice playing Chinese import Affinity Squier with a cool look and quality tone. Fender is producing some very good quality guitars from their China factory. They're playability is vastly superior to the older Korean Squiers and they don't use plywood as they did on the early MIK models. Generally speaking, they necks are consistently excellent, which allows for a setup that usually rivals the USA models. This one has had a few upgrades including an authentic looking 60's Trans logo installed, all the plastic has been switched out to black, including pickguard, knobs, covers, and backplate, but more importantly, the stock ceramic pickups have been swapped out with an Alnico HSS set from MightyMite. The body is factory routed for a humbucker so no routing was required. You can get these MightyMite guards, complete, for around $120 and it will improve the tone of any budget model Strat 100%. The humbucker tone is fat and totally quiet, while the single coils are hotter than the stock ceramics with more articulation, more of the "Texas" tone that most players prefer. Cosmetically it has its share of scratches and dings but nothing horrible, and the frets are in perfect shape so I doubt that it's actually been played very much. If you're looking for an inexpensive Strat with "the look", quality tone, and nice setup, this one will get you there for just $179.

6.     1998 Fender American Standard Stratocaster, (front), (back), (headstock/neck), (Custom '54's). Excellent playing Strat with some upgrades to enhance tone and playability. A pair of custom shop Custom '54 pickups have been installed, along with an orange drop cap, and changed to vintage wiring with a tone pot in place of the TBX. Nut has been changed to a Graphtec graphite nut, which reduces friction and helps maintain tuning stability. Lastly, the back of the neck has been sanded down, with the poly finish removed. It feels much faster this way and most players seem to prefer the feel of natural wood. This guitar hasn't been played to death and looks very presentable from the front, but at one time it did have a careless owner thus there are finish chips around the edge down to the white undercoat (as shown here). These '54's are used in many Custom Shop guitars, primarily because they sound excellent and have more of a vintage bell tone--and more quack--than the stock pickups. If you're a player looking for bang for the buck and not concerned with some finish chips the audience can't even see, this one feels great, sounds great, and is set up to perfection. A good value for the player at $729(HOLD-Keith Z 8/2). Includes hardshell case and trem arm.

7.     2009 Fender USA Highway One Stratocaster HSS - 3-Tone Sunburst, (front), (headstock), (back), (Deluxe Gigbag). Flawless condition and the best value in a USA Strat featuring a nitrocellulose lacquer finish on the body, preferred by many players, but due to the satin lacquer finish, they're cheaper to manufacture and than a standard gloss finish. Other than the finish and the gigbag, the quality of the Highway series is the same as the American Standard. Specs include: Alder body with 3-color sunburst finish, maple neck with modern "C" Shape profile, rosewood fingerboard with modern 9.5" Radius, 22 Jumbo Frets, '70s style large headstock; vintage tremolo with stamped steel saddles; Hot Single-Coil pickups with Alnico 3 magnets in the neck and middle positions with a Fender Atomic humbucker in the bridge; master volume; tone 1 = neck pickup with "greasebucket" (rolls of highs without adding bass) tone circuit; tone 2 = bridge pickup with "greasebucket"; Fender Ping tuners. The thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish lets the body wood's natural tone shine through. Although it doesn't require the buffing of a poly finish, nitro is a rather expensive finish to do, mainly because of its long drying time - it's rarely found on a guitar in this price range. One upgrade we offer on Highways is a buffed out finish, which gives the guitar a high gloss finish and with the thin Nitro finish, more of a vintage look, as shown here , side by side. This guitar is immaculate other than a few pickguard scratches, set up better than factory, and a super value on a USA Fender at $579(SOLD Patrick H 1/27/15). Includes Fender Deluxe gigbag.

8.     Fender Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Stratocaster Relic...TRIO! (click to enlarge pics) Choice of a 1956, 1960, or 1965 (cert's) never retailed, unplayed, including unopened accessory bags and, of course, era-correct cases. All are "all gold" models with a Aztec Gold (nitro lacquer) and gold hardware, with light to medium relicing including checked finish and aged hardware with misc finish chips here and there, with the '65 receiving more relic wear than the other two. I confirmed with Fender that only 100 of each piece - WORLDWIDE - was produced, which makes this a very rare guitar for an Anniversary model. These listed at $4677-$4690 with discount pricing to $3500. One of these could easily be the centerpiece in many Anniversary model collections, to go along with your 25th, 35th, various 40th's, and production model 50th's. Only one remaining is the 1956 Stratocaster Relic 50th Anniversary, (headstock/neck), (sample of relic wear), (case & accessories). Features include Aztec Gold finish with gold hardware, gold anodized pickguard, V-shaped neck, finish checking and misc dings as well as fretboard "wear", aged hardware, and 50th Anniversary neckplate. Nice lightweight Strat at 7.8 lbs. Unplayed condition with Tweed case, opened accessory bag, and COA. Store priced at $3500 (would be higher with the new '09 price list), but this one's never retailed and perfect, and just $2799

9.     2009 Fender Vintage Modified Squier Strat SSS - Metallic Red, (front), (head stock), (back). Top of the line Squier with classic looks, excellent playability, and nice tone. This one is a vintage modified "Vintage Modified", with the red MOTO pickguard and stark white plastic parts replaced with a parchment pickguard and parchment parts (stock look vs. upgraded look). Now this Vintage Modified more closely resembles a vintage model. The body is Indian red cedar, which is a departure from the usual alder, ash, or occasional mahogany, but is a good sounding wood in its own right. A trio of Duncan Designed Alnico V single coils sound very good. 22-frets maple neck with a rosewood board has a modern 9.5" radius that plays very well and doesn't fret out on bends. It has good quality hardware with die-cast chrome tuners and a vintage style tremolo with stamped saddles. This model sells new for $349. With all parchment parts, this guitar looks better than stock, is in super clean condition, and $100 cheaper at $249.

10.  2007 Fender Classic Player 50's Stratocaster - 2 Tone Sunburst, (front/back), (headstock), (info tag), (gigbag/acc.). (Whoever inquired last week, I just found the last one of these). Never retailed - not a scratch. This guitar was designed by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Dennis Galuszka and features a blend of the old and the new, something Fender has been featuring throughout much of their line the past 2 years, and like the Baja Tele I posted yesterday, this whole series uses top quality pickups, electronics, and hardware, at a price that's around 1/2 of an American Vintage series. In my opinion, these guitars are 90% as good - at 50% of the price, i.e. an excellent value for your money. Features include a very thin poly gloss finish over 2-tone sunburst, alder body, maple "C" shape neck with modern 9.5" radius maple fingerboard, 21 medium jumbo frets, 3 USA Vintage '57/'62 pickups, 5 way pickup selector, chrome hardware with Gotoh vintage style locking tuning machines, custom 2 point vintage style tremolo bridge, Custom Shop designed neck plate and aged plastic parts. When Fender lowered their prices on most of their guitars this one dropped from $1109 to $799 which made it a very sweet deal. Sweeter still is this dead mint beauty priced at just $679 - and set-up better than factory specs.Includes Fender deluxe gigbag, tags, and sealed acc. bag.

11.  2000 Fender '60's Classic Stratocaster - Lake Placid Blue, (front/back), (headstock), (case). Get the 60's vibe in a cool custom color, Lake Placid Blue Metallic, in this extremely clean 60's Classic. Features vintage C-shaped maple neck with rosewood fretboard, solid Alder body, small headstock with spaghetti logo and vintage-tinted gloss neck, vintage Alnico pickups with staggered magnets, vintage synchronized tremolo with stamped steel saddles, aged plastic parts, and vintage 7.25" fretboard radius. This guitar looks like it was played for a month and put under away in the closet for a decade; no player's wear at all. With a list price of $999, these sell online and at the super stores for $699 with gigbag but why buy new when you can have this beauty for less, with a an absolutely killer set up and INCLUDES a nice TKL case, which is in mint condition except for a small crack in the lid.Just $569 SOLD-Local for guitar with the case.

12.  Fender Bullet Strat 1HB - Black w/upgrades, (front), (headstock), (back). Nice playing budget Strat with two cool upgrades. The stock pickup on this model is, well, not good. This one has an Ibanez V8 bridge pickup, taken from a Prestige RG1570, and it really sings. Most stock Bullets tend to sound shrill at best; lifeless at worst. This one sounds like a good guitar. The other upgrade is strictly ego. The headstock has been stripped of the Bullet logo and a vintage style Fender logo in its place. With the small headstock, it has the look of an '82 "Smith" Strat. This is a hardtail model, a better choice for players who don't use a trem. It stays in tune during bends and double-stops, and doesn't go out of tune if you break a string. With it's all-black looks, it's a good choice for the seeker of dangerous looking guitars. Overall in beautiful condition, other than some wood chips around the tuners where another set of tuners was once installed. For a guitar with nice action and frets properly finished, a lot of guitar for $99(SOLD-Mike G 3/1/18).

13.  1989 Fender (Korea) Squier II Stratocaster, (front/back), (headstock). Folks seem to really like the Squier II series, which was Fender's second run at the Squier series, after the Fender Japan Squiers proved to be cost-prohibitive. As the 80's came to a close, Japan's economy was thriving and the increased labor cost forced Fender to search elsewhere for manufacturing the Squier Series, leading them to Korea and the Young Chang corporation, where this guitar was built. During this same timeframe Fender was also producing a lot of the Contemporary Squiers, which came in different pickup configurations and featured a body with different contours and no pickguard. The Standard Squiers, such as this model, are widely regarded as being superior to the Chinese and Indonesian models which followed in the 90's and 00's. Just one change to this guitar - original pickup covers have been swapped out with solid (no visible poles) covers (shown here), which, along with the black body and maple fretboard, give it the look of a Clapton Blackie. Overall nice shape for a used guitar, with fine scratches front and back but nothing through the finish and the body shines up nicely. Nice Strat for $239 with gigbag.

14.  2004 Fender Squier Affinity Strat and Fender Frontman 15G Amp, (front), (back), (headstock), (amp panel and (back). Excellent outfit for the beginner or the player getting back into guitar after an extended break. You can't go wrong buying a real deal Fender, regardless of the series. Stores who push cheaper Fender copies always say that you're paying extra for the Fender name but having had an assortment of copies and plenty of Fender Squiers I can say that the real Fender models are consistently better guitars. Finished in Candy Apple Red, this guitar looks and sounds like the Strats you've known and loved all your life with 5 distinct classic Strat tones including the searing bridge (lead tone), smooth and jazzy neck tone, and hollow "Sultans of Swing" tones in positions 2 and 4. The Candy Red finish with rosewood fretboard and large headstock gives this guitar the look of a 60's custom color Strat and this baby's in beautiful condition having spent nearly all of its 8 years sitting in the box. Along with this guitar I'm including the Fender Frontman 15G amp, complete with classic "blackface" panel cosmetics and silver grill cloth. This is far from a base model amp with the kind of features normally found on amps at 3X the price. It features dual channels, "Normal" and "Drive", selectable via a pushbutton switch. The Normal channel has a sparkling clean tone, the type of tone that made Fender amps the choice of pro's since the 50's, while the Drive channel is perfect for hard rock and metal tones. With a separate Volume and Gain controls you can get maximum distortion, when desired, without having to turn the amp up to a disturbing volume. Rather than a simple "tone" control found on many small amps, the 15G features a 3-band EQ so you can dial in your preference of Bass, Mids, and Treble. It also features an "Aux In" stereo input to practice along with CD, tape, IPod, etc., as well as a "Headphone" output for private practice. Both guitar and amp are in excellent condition and in the case of the Strat, better than new with an in-house setup that's guaranteed to be better than anything handing new in a store. This is important, especially to beginners, since a guitar that doesn't play easily discourages practice and frequently causes frustration and giving up on a potentially rewarding hobby. Here's the deal: Squier Affinity Strat sells new for $179 everywhere but buy this one at $179, and I'll throw in the Frontman 15G for free, as well as include a strap, cable, picks, and starter digital tuner. Back in the 60's this is what I paid for my no-name guitar and amp, neither of which was near the quality of this outfit

Some Fender Squier Guitars and Basses

·        Fender Squier Affinity Bronco Bass - Black, (front), (headstock), (back). Cool little short-scale bass that's perfect for the players who are small in stature, or any guitarist transitioning to bass. If you've never played a 30" scale, which is around 4" shorter than most full scale basses, you're in for a treat, especially on a bass that weighs under 6 lbs. For beginner players, or players transitioning from guitar to bass, they're much easier to learn on, and even experienced players appreciate them because they're just plain fun to play. The current model Bronco has specs very similar to the old Musicmaster bass so we've "turned these into" Musicmasters (as shown here). You have to admit, it definitely has the vibe of a 60s/70s Fender. In doing this, the old logo is painstakingly removed and then the entire headstock is clear coated in nitro finish. After the vintage logo is installed it receives multiple coats of nitro, with wet-sanding in between coats, until the outline of the logo is invisible. When finished, it looks totally factory. Like all in this section this one is set up to perfection - and highly recommended for anyone who wants a short scale that's a breeze to play. With a list price of $250, these are an excellent value on an imminently playable bass, for just $115. (more for the logo job when available).

·        Fender Squier Affinity Bronco Bass - Red. Exact same bass as the Black Bronco above except in a gloss red finish. Another great player in a beautiful instrument. List price of $250 but this one's perfect with a great setup for just $115.


1.     1978 Fender Telecaster - Black w/Rosewood Board, (front), (back), (headstock), (neck/pocket markings), (case). You want vintage vibe, you've got it. This guitar has the mojo everyone looks for in a vintage Tele and one or two stories to tell. The good news - it's original finish with no humbucker routes or other major modifications to the body. The bad news - someone reshaped the ball of the headstock slightly (shown here). Why? Anybody's guess. The good news is it's barely noticeable and doesn't affect the integrity of the guitar in the least. The only modifications - the control cavity has been professionally deepened slightly on one side (shown here), probably to allow a 9V battery at some time in the past, and the output jack has been changed from the "cup" style to a flat LP style. Pickups are USA Vintage '52 with cloth wires and original vintage design, with plenty of Tele quack and a spanky twang that makes you want to pick it up whenever you hear a new Brad Paisley lick. Frets have been freshly dressed so there aren't any dishes in the frets. It is set up with low action and plays nicely for chord work, although it frets out in a few spots on string bends. If preferred, we can raise it to medium action for clear bends. The body has a typical aged patina which can be buffed out to a high gloss if desired, but we generally only do that upon request on vintage instruments. This is the era with the thick clear coat under the finish, with a thin painted coat, so it's worn through around the edge a bit, primarily where the forearm comes over the top. It's typical weight for the era, i.e. not light. If you don't want to $2500 for a 100% example, here's one with original finish, a cool vibe, at 1/2 the cost; just $1250. Includes Fender tweed case.


1.     1966 Fender Coronado II, (front), (side), (headstock), (back), (features), (neckplate), (case). A very untraditional guitar from Fender and probably their first real attempt (not counting the solidbody Jazzmaster) to get some of that Gibson business. For around 15 years Fender had owned the solidbody market; Gibson the archtops. With the advent of the British invasion, hollowbodies were gaining huge visibility, especially with the Beatles and their Epi Casinos. Fender brought onboard German-born Roger Rossmeisl, of Rickenbacker fame, noted for using a German carve on hollowbody instruments. You can see Rick influences in the checkered binding, and F-tailpiece. The Coronado was a true hollow-bodied electric guitar, like the Gibson ES-330 and Epiphone Casino, without a center wood block in the body, as opposed to a 335-style "semi- hollowbody" that had a block of wood anchoring the top and back, running the length of the body. A full hollowbody has one drawback, specifically being more prone to feedback than a semi-hollow. On the up side, they body is more free to vibrate and they can have excellent acoustic properties, including better sustain. It came in 4 models (plus some Wildwood models that followed) which included the "I" single pickup, "II", dual pickup, "XII" 12-sting, and bass. I know I'll get questions regarding the serial number, "hey, 500,000s are for the 70's...", but just google Coronado serials and you'll see that there were a large run of '65/'66 Coronado's in the 50XXXX range. This is an early model Coronado, characterized by checkered binding and chrome top pickups. These single coil pickups were made by DeArmond, a company more famous for Gretsch pickups. The bridge was a free-floating, non anchored, 'tune-o-matic' style bridge with a rosewood base, and it also has a suspended "F" tailpiece. The maple arched body is bound in checkered binding. Other features include a large gold pickups bolt-on neck is bound and features a rosewood fretboard and large block inlays, dual F-holes are bound, headstock is black with a gold Trans logo, controls are dual volume and tone controls with chrome-top black knobs, with a 3-way switch on the upper treble bout, tuners are the common F-tuners, and it has a single string tree. Perhaps the most visible use of the Coronado was by the decade's biggest star, Elvis Presley, as the only guitar featured in the movie "Speedway", which was a sunburst model (shown here), just like this one. More serious users have included Dave Davies of The Kinks, Wayne Newton, Sergio Pizzorno of Kasabian, Graham Coxon of Blur, Jimmie Vaughan, and the Flaming Lips. This guitar has been played sparingly in its 47 years and is in beautiful condition and 100% original. It plays beautifully and has a pleasing tone that isn't prone to feedback at reasonable gain levels. Includes original case by Victoria Luggage company and in this condition is an excellent value for the player or collector at $1399.

2.     2005 Fender CG-7 Classical, new-old-stock, good quality classical that features Spruce top and Meranti back/sides. If you don't have a nylon string in your guitar collection, here's an inexpensive way to get started. Fender builds quality into all their guitars, even imports such as this one, but the price is around what you'll pay for an off brand at $129. Ships set-up but never retailed, in original factory box.